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April Dawn Ricchuito has been honored, quoted, mentioned, or contributed to the following media outlets:

April Dawn Ricchuito has worked with the following celebrities:

  • makeup for Gloria Govan, VH1 Basketball Wives at NY MB Fashion Week | New York, NY | 2012
  • life coaching with JW Cortes of NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes | New York, NY | 2012
  • interview with Fran Drescher, The Nanny & Happily Divorced | Brain World Magazine | 2012
  • interview with Monique Coleman, High School Musical | Brain World Magazine | 2012
  • makeup for Somaya Reece, VH1 Love & Hip Hop for a Broadway play promo | New York, NY |2010
  • makeup for Susana Montez, VH1 For the Love of Ray J  | Miami/Orlando, FL | 2009 & 2010
  • interview with Ivy Queen, Grammy winning artist | Latin Hop Magazine | 2007
  • beauty article with Briella Marie Calafiore of  Style Network’s Jerseylicious & Glam Fairy
  • winter skin care tips with Style Network’s Krystle Couso of Jerseylicous (Part OneTwo)
  • interview with Deena Nicole Cortese of MTV’s Jersey Shore |  New York, NY | 2013
  • interview with Tracy DiMarco of Style Network’s Jerseylicious |  New York, NY | 2013
  • interview with Vivian Billings of VH1′s Gossip Game | New York, NY 2013
  • interview with Ms. Drama of VH1′s Gossip Game | New York, NY 2013
  • interview with Ramona Rizzo of VH1′s Mob Wives |  New York, NY | 2013
  • interview with Karen Gravano of VH1′s Mob Wives |  New York, NY | 2013
  • interview with Drita D’Avanzo of VH1′s Mob Wives | New York, NY | 2013

Her beauty, lifestyle, and relationship articles have appeared in VIBE MagazineVIBE Vixen and Everything Girls Love, the digital magazine belonging to Yandy Smith of VH1′s Love & Hip Hop.  She is also the former associate beauty editor for Everything Girls Love.  She is currently at The Source.

You can also find her in the following books:  101 Awesome Things To Do for Someone Who’s Sick by award winning author Dr. Elaine Wilkes, available now, and an upcoming book by best selling award winning author Carole Brody Fleet.  Stay tuned for more details!

“I started following on you on Twitter; then I came across the website; you inspire me so much!”

- Pauline Ramirez, via  email

“My son was diagnosed with Non-Hodgekin’s Lymphoma cancer when he was five years old. It was in

stage 4, and he had 4 tumours. After almost a year of chemotherapy and constant stay in hospital with no

time home, he was declared in remission. I am very fortunate to have my son with me and, although the

chemo has left some potential issues in his future, he is now a bright, lovely, funny twelve year old.

Reading some of your articles on Hello Giggles reminded me to be grateful for him every day and to stop

caring so much about meaningless things. I adore your site and think your message is much needed –

there’s too much drivel coming at us about boob jobs and the like!”  

- Hayley, “Hell on Heels” reader

“I just wanted to say thank you & tell you how insightful your article was; I’ve had a problem with my

weight for the past few years, only staying between 41 and 45kgs, and have gone to numerous doctors – all

to no avail. They either tell me it’s perfectly fine, that I’m healthy and that I should just eat more. Although I

am anaemic, I try and make up for this by eating meat and vegetables containing a lot of iron. I’ve also had

my thyroid tested and it came back as clear. This past week, I went for a regular check-up and was told by

the nurse on duty that if I lose 2 more kgs, they would have to hospitalise me. Your article showed me that I

should probably get another opinion, as the doctor can also be wrong in some instances.”

- Zainab, “Hell on Heels” reader

“I have had the feelings & thoughts of “lost” womanhood for a long time…reading this has helped me to

feel “womanly” once again…thank you!”

- Lisa, Elephant Journal reader

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