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Monsters Under the Bed & Skeletons in the Closet


No bones about it, everyone has skeletons, monsters, and demons from the past living under their beds and hiding in the closet.  My storage space under my bed was well spoken for, and I used to need a bigger closet….there was clutter, to say the least.  I probably should have been charging the creeps rent, because they were living all up in my space, and for free!

I remember being seven or eight years old, and so convinced a scary story was real, that I would literally leap off my bed in the middle of the night so that the monsters lurking under my bed couldn’t grab me by the ankle and drag me to the monster world.  I was only safe when the lights were on.  I would have to repeat to myself over and over again “There is no such thing as monsters, there is nothing under my bed, and that story wasn’t real!”  

As adults, we still deal these demons, ghosts, & monsters and the feelings that surround them:   fears.  Surprisingly enough, the solution to exorcising them in our adult lives is exactly the same as when we were kids:  Turn on the lights, and tell yourself it isn’t real!  When we forget to let our inner light shine, we breathe life into the “bad guys”.  We bring these vile creatures to life when we project our fears from the past into our present & future.  And how many scary, untrue stories do we allow others to tell us about ourselves….or even make up on our own?!!

We play tricks on ourselves all the time, and tell ourselves things that aren’t true.  The pile of toys in the corner that became a scary, ferocious, beastly monster when the lights went out may actually be a cute cuddly teddy bear, with just the the flick of a switch.  Just like there are no monsters, there are no obstacles; there are only opportunities.  What will you allow yourself to believe?  Pull out your piggy bank.  What will you invest in- truths or illusions?  Love or fear?  Love that teddy bear, don’t fear that teddy bear.  Embrace that teddy bear, and with him, embrace all of your glorious opportunities.

In all those silly scary stories I read as a kid, ghosts haunted places because they had unfinished business.  If you must, play another childhood game.  Play pretend.  Be an archaeologist.  Dig up the past so you can let it go and put it to rest; a proper burial, if you will.  Don’t carry your past around like the current season’s Gucci baggage; it’s dead weight.  Dead and gone.  It’s only haunting you because you give it a new life in the present.  Love your ghosts, accept your ghosts, and then let go of your ghosts.  Sometimes they only stay around because they think you need them.  (Silly ghosties!)

Don’t share your lease on life with creepers; turn on your lights and let it shine.  I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

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  1. Shane Biemer #

    Virtually all of whatever you point out is supprisingly appropriate and it makes me ponder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this with this light before. This article truly did switch the light on for me as far as this specific topic goes. But there is actually 1 position I am not too cozy with and while I attempt to reconcile that with the actual core idea of the position, let me observe just what the rest of the readers have to say. Well done.

    October 7, 2011

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